Hi everyone!! Hope you are ALL staying warm and safe in this beautiful winter weather....uggggh. As I am typing this we have a freezing rain warning and snow.

This blog is about a few of the Entity Beauty liquid nail products that we carry. The descriptions that I will be giving is directly from the manufacturer. There are no opinions here, just facts from Entity Beauty about each of the products. 🙂

1) NU BOND - Innovative acid-free formula that removes oils and contaminants from the nail plate and improves the adhesion of acrylic, gel and gel enamel. Safe to use on even the most sensitive client. http://impactsalonsales.com/product/nu-bond-non-acid-primer/

2) NATURAL NAIL PREP - Dehydrates and cleanses the surface of the natural nail plate preparing it for product application by removing dust, contaminants and oils. Specifically designed to improve adhesion, reduce the potential for lifting and control the growth of bacteria. In the natural nail prep are a few ingredients known to reduce bacterial contamination and microbial growth.
TRICLOSAN.........Commonly found in soaps, deodorants, toothpastes and mouthwashes. It has been shown to be effective in reducing and controlling bacteria contaminating on the hands and on treated products
METHYL PARABEN/PROPYL PARABEN.......used as an inhibitor of microbial growth. It is one of the most commonly used preservative in cosmetics since it is stable at most PH levels. Parabens kill molds and fungi, and are used synergistic-ally with bactericides to make broad spectrum antimicrobial.

*Broad spectrum means such blends can treat/prevent a large range of different bacteria. Blending more than one chemical shown to have anti fungal, antimicrobial or antibacterial activity potentially increase the ability to minimize or kill these materials. These materials can work in conjunction with one another to multiply the effect. http://impactsalonsales.com/product/natural-nail-prep/

3) NAIL PRODUCT REMOVER - Unique formula safely breaks down and removes soak off gel and acrylic products from the natural nail while protecting the surrounding skin from over drying. Here is one of the featured ingredients that is improtant to note.
LANOLIN...........Softens, moisturizes and helps protect the skin. Contributes moisture to the stratum corneum(outer layer of the skin). Adds to the natural protective mantel of the skin to prevent moisture loss. Acts as a humectant absorbing moisture from the environment to keep the skin moist.

*Straight acetone is very drying to the skin. Lanolin is added to minimize drying an irritation. Lanolin is a natural emollient which has a lipid(oil) profile very similar to sebum(skin oil).http://impactsalonsales.com/product/nail-product-remover/

This is a taste of the Entity products, so please stay tuned for future blog posts

Stay warm and safe

Lisa Ross